Signing tags

Assuming you have an extra local file for adding gitconfig settings on your main ~/.gitconfig file:

    path = .gitconfig.local

Configure ~/.gitconfig.local to point to the correct GPG signing key of your interest:

    signingkey = <signingKeyId>

Enable git tag -m <message> to automatically force signed tags:

    forceSignAnnotated true

Test if the signing key works by creating a new git tag on a temporary project:

cd /tmp
❯ mkdir foo
❯ cd foo
❯ git init
❯ touch bar
❯ git add bar
❯ git ci -m "Add bar"
❯ git tag 1.0.0 -s -m "Release 1.0.0"

Enter the Yubikey GPG PIN and then touch it. Confirm the GPG signature was added to the tag:

❯ git show 1.0.0

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