Generating the Key Revocation List (KRL)

The KRL is a compact binary format which allows revoking SSH signed certificates.

  1. Create an empty revoking list:

    ❯ touch /etc/ssh/revoked_keys
  2. Update /etc/ssh/sshd_config to include the new Key Revocation List:

    ❯ RevokedKeys /etc/ssh/revoked_keys
  3. When necessary, revoke the first signed certificate:

    ❯ ssh-keygen -k -f revoked_keys -s
  4. When necessary, append more revoked certificates (using -u):

    ❯ ssh-keygen -k -f revoked_keys -s -u
  5. Confirm that revocation worked:

    ❯ ssh-keygen -Qf revoked_keys
  6. Distribute the updated revoked_keys to every host (/etc/ssh/revoked_keys) using rsync, scp or other orchestration utility.

NOTE: ssh-keygen should not require the signed public certificate to revoke it. Instead, using just the serial number should work. However, this is currently not working on OpenSSH 7.2p2 (Ubuntu).

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