Prerequisites (demonstration only)

You will need a Linux-based box like Ubuntu running OpenSSH:

❯ docker run --name yubico-ubuntu -p 2222:22 -it ubuntu

Inside the Docker container:

❯ apt-get update
❯ apt-get install -y openssh-server vim
❯ mkdir -p /root/.ssh

Add a user for testing purposes:

❯ adduser foobar
❯ usermod -G sudo foobar
❯ mkdir -p /home/foobar/.ssh

Add your public ssh key to both users. First, locally:

❯ cat ~/.ssh/ | pbcopy


echo "<pubkey>" >> /home/foobar/.ssh/authorized_keys
❯ echo "<pubkey>" >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

If you'd like to ssh with the root user, remember to add a password as that will be required later on:

❯ passwd root

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