Enabling touch protection

Install https://developers.yubico.com/yubikey-manager/ on a permanent destination:

❯ brew install libu2f-host libusb swig ykpers
❯ git clone [email protected]:Yubico/Yubikey-manager.git
❯ git submodule update --init --recursive
❯ pip install -e .

The setup tools will automatically link the ykman binary to /usr/local/bin/ykman but the original git folder must remain on disk.

Then, enable touch protection for authentication (aut), encryption (enc) and signing (sig):

❯ ykman openpgp touch aut on
❯ ykman openpgp touch enc on
❯ ykman openpgp touch sig on

Confirm touch protection is enabled:

❯ ykman openpgp touch aut
Current touch policy of AUTHENTICATE key is ON.

❯ ykman openpgp touch enc
Current touch policy of ENCRYPT key is ON.

❯ ykman openpgp touch sig
Current touch policy of SIGN key is ON.

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